Don’t Confuse Movement With Progress, How a Creative Is Financing His Dreams With Real Estate!

The week of April 13, 2020, Valeisha Butterfield global influencer created a workshop for individuals who seek enlightenment and guidance in their personal lives or their careers. Throughout this week-long workshop, a quote resonated with me given by one of her many amazing masterclass speakers. The quote was “don’t confuse movement with progress,” this quote resonated with me because it took me back to the conversation I had with Jarrell Densmore who also goes by JD  on the importance of sustainability in the world of creativity. 

If you’ve ever watched an HGTV show focused on individuals buying houses, rehabbing, and flipping it, well that’s JD’s profession throughout the community of Chicago Illinois. He also operates a credit repair and education business, JD knows all too well the life of a “Creative” and the lack of financial freedom that could come from primarily concentrating on being a Creative but not applying that same level of focus to becoming financially independent. JD intuitively used his interest in real estate to invest in his interest in film, recognizing the congruence between self-sufficiency and progressive productivity. There are few far and between living the creative life with financial benefactors, JD innately understood the best investment is to be able to invest in yourself. 

To understand JD’s mindset, you have to understand the roots of his upbringing stemming from his parents being in the real estate industry. Fortunately, he had an understanding of the business at an early age. How JD fortuitously stumbled into real estate could be seen as less stumbled and more so destiny revealing itself. While away at school in Arizona attending a Jr. college in pursuit of getting a D1 basketball scholarship, JD injured himself. JD didn’t occupy his downtime playing NBA 2K instead he went to the library educating himself about Real Estate. JD’s basketball tenure in Arizona was coming to an end, so he transferred to a JR College back in his hometown of Chicago, still in the pursuit of a D1 scholarship, he chose to continue his education by enrolling in Real Estate courses to become a Realtor. Due to state laws changing right upon completion of all his required courses, he was deemed ineligible to become a Realtor, the age requirement changed from 18 to 21 years of age.

Jay Z is quoted in a song called Diamonds Are Forever, “difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.” JD, who was 19 at the time wasn’t deterred by the setback, his intuitive instincts found a clever way to enter into the real estate space without a realtor’s license. Finishing his basketball career at his Junior College he studied filmmaking for his bachelor’s degree. As a college student, he began to take over and manage properties, JD had something which is affectionately known as the “hustler’s spirit” which permeated in his core.

 Unlike most college students JD could sustain himself which allowed him to pursue his creative dreams in the world of film in the Chicago area. At that moment he understood the importance of self-sustainability, A creative may seek financing through a loan via bank or investor, the dichotomy of chances with financial investments can be positive or negative, the impacts that can either be beneficial or ruin relationships completely whether personally or financially. JD was green in real estate but progressive in his process for financial independence.

 JD had the correct mindset at 19 but over the years through trial and error, and education he learned that you can not confuse movement with progress. It’s been a little past 10 years since JD stepped into the field of real estate, but he hasn’t stopped educating himself. He has surrounded himself with knowledge and network that has kept him informed and prepared. JD has been battle-tested and has made buying and flipping houses in the Chicago area an art form, which ironically according to JD he’s known more for his work in credit repair. In his pursuit to work in the film industry and his passion for creation, he realized you can look and feel busy, but accomplish very little if the right pieces aren’t in place, and what better pieces to have in place than property?

Ownership and independence is the name of the game, and the way to achieve independence is being able to financially take care of yourself and not taking any short cuts. JD buys houses and repairs credit full time to finance his endeavors, his consistency to educate himself while educating others is a testament to his achievements. I asked him a question about individuals who believe that it’s too late to fix credit or get into investments and JD stated there’s a saying “if you tell yourself can or can’t you’re both right.”

For More Information About JD, you can go to his website – and follow him on Instagram @jdbuyshouses

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