15 Year Old Queen Creates Relentless Hustle... Athletic Apparel & Lifestyle Brand With A Purpose

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

July 30, 2020

Relentless Hustle, LLC (www.therelentlesshustle.com) was envisioned and created by 15-year old CEO Yadalis Nixon, student-athlete spending her time between Oklahoma City and Atlanta. Yadalis had aspirations for creating her own brand which not only looks good but empowers people to be their best with positive messaging.  Relentless hustle means hustling by any means necessary to reach your goal . "I want people like you to be inspired to hustle everyday, every second, and every hour. Be the best version of your self. Hustle the Relentless way." More than a Queen CEO, Yadalis is involved in all aspects of the business including marketing, design, sourcing, fulfillment and more. She is a True Hustler and epitome of what her brand sets out to represent.

The brand offers Athletic/Athleisure Apparel for both kids and adults with a wide variety of styles. Customer can expect to see items such as leggings, sports bra's, t-shirts, hoodies, HustleBands which are athletic headbands and more. During these pandemic times you can also grab a "Hustle Mask" to mask up when in public.

As seen in the video below, Yadalis illustrates the meaning behind the brand. "Relentless hustle is unique because it reminds me everyday why I should hustle when people wear my brand I want it to look great on them but most important I want them to be reminded that working hard is key. I want them to be able to say that that’s what they are doing everyday".

"This athletic and lifestyle brand was created by me because I wanted to combine something things that I loved and make a brand out of it. I also would love to bring more awareness to female athletes and the sports they play which are underrepresented. One of my main initiatives is to empower female athletes and level the playing field."

"By inspiring and empowering girls to play sports, providing equal access, and increasing visibility in the media, there are several stereotypes that we can help break down. Relentless Hustle, Hustle Like Never Before!"

Go shop, support Relentless Hustle at www.therelentlesshustle.com & Follow Relentless Hustle on Instagram

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