Unplug Miami 2017 presented by Salute Life

By: Atibia “Broadway” Williams

It has been two years since Jamel Houseworth passed on September 8th, 2015. Jamel was the creator of Salute Life, a platform that curates the culture and provides a genuine positive voice documenting the game changers, artist, influencers of today. Jamel’s vision was to offer an empowering inspirational outlet differentiating itself from other platforms. Jamel saw beauty in culture. He saw culture as something that should be celebrated by saluting life.

Before Jamel’s passing, he acquired an affinity for art. It just so happened his best friend growing up Todd Ingram, with whom Jamel considered a brother was a rising artist in the art world. Todd aka artist “Bourn Rich,” had a game plan. Jamel was to build the business and Bourn was to do what he does best, which was creating masterpieces. The first stop on their itinerary was Art Basel Miami 2015.

Unfortunately,  that never came to fruition because Jamel had passed three months before Art Basel in Miami. The Salute Life Family – Kevin, Bourn Rich, Atibia and Brian embarked on the journey and attended honoring Jamel’s memory. That trip was a life-changing inspirational array of electric/artistic energy permeating on the Miami Art Scene. What capped off the experience was Bourn running into Swizz Beatz at a restaurant across from his famous art event “No Commission.”

Jamel and Bourn both went to high school with Swizz and so he graced us with providing us an interview on the Salute Life platform and “No Commissions” VIP passes.  The following year we went to Art Basel with a bigger determination to fulfill Jamel’s legacy. Shortly after, the Salute Life online platform was born.  The team spent the next nine months of successfully launching/operating a growing platform which has documented the hottest brands, events, artists, and rising stars in the industry. The team was hungry and wanted to do more for the culture, for the art world, and for the community. From that hunger, the concept of Unplug Miami 2017 was produced.

Unplug is a unplugging from the negativity and walking into an event roster of creators whose passions and ideas surface via multiple mediums (think multimedia art, experiential pop-up shops, delectable eats, and good beats) and whose work is guaranteed to stimulate ALL of your senses. 
Expect to see work ranging from large-scale canvas murals to artistic fashion and more as well as experience interactive culinary, visual and audible interactions. UNPLUG is a win for the artists participating as we will be taking no commission from the pieces sold. You can revel in the fact that you are unplugging for a cause as well as a portion of event proceeds will go toward Salute Life’s “Shoot For The Stars” pitch competition & college scholarship fund. All this is taken place at two premier locations in South Beach and in Wynwood this December 8th and 9th.

Featured artists thus far include Bourn Rich, So4ail, Mr. Paul Style, Captain Casual and Phree and more to be added!

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For more key details visit unplug.splashthat.com and RSVP for an event that will leave you speechless.