Sydaiya Rehema – The New Face Of Urban Soul?

Written by “Broadway” Williams

Art is a miraculous production of human beings’ most intimate feelings captured in film, photography, paint, song, dance, etc. Though an artist’s works can fall under the same genre or medium, what provides arts’ unique spectrum is that each individual becomes a human manifestation of abilities granted from a spiritual higher power. I believe that God is an artist himself, who provides each person a piece of himself – gifts that can be used as we see fit.  Some choose to possess such great gifts and keep it for themselves. One such poet, Emily Dickenson, come to mind. Emily was known as a recluse, and while some of her work was published while she was alive, some of her greatest work was found by her younger sister and published posthumously, which is when the world discovered her true talent.

 Fortunately for us, such was not the case with musical artist Sydaiya Rehema. Although she was reserved musically, in the beginning, she’s recently begun to bless us with her talent. Sydaiya Rehema’s name references Islamic origin, with Sydaiya meaning “Lady of the Lord” and Rehema, her middle name, meaning “Width of Compassion.” Starting out, Sydaiya chose a different path for herself and her desire to be involved in music was initiated in a different capacity.  A proud Bostonian and a graduate of one of the finest music and humanities programs in the U.S., Berklee College of Music located in Boston. Sydaiya studied music business and music management –  she envisioned herself working behind the scenes as a curator of culture and a spark in someone else’s career. Soon after school, she managed several talented artists and helped them to build their brand as much as possible, but management, branding, and marketing weren’t necessarily providing the fulfillment that fueled her passion.  The musical creative in her was spilling out like volcanic lava, and with so much going on in the world, from the state of black people and people of color, to issues of women empowerment, to love and relationships, it was only a matter of time before the gift bestowed upon her erupted for the world to see.- thank you

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 It was Lady Blessington who said, “Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who works to bring it out.” The time for vacillating has ended, and the Sydaiya era has begun to play out on the stage of destiny. Destiny provided Sydaiya a chance to tour on the road for the first time, performing overseas in the United Kingdom. Not only did she get invaluable experience, but she was able to bring out her sound. A sound that isn’t soul or R&B or pop, but what she calls “Urban Soul” or life music. Music that reflects the substance of who she is, that can tell a story of relatable life experiences. And those life experiences could have you dancing, singing, thinking, loving and fighting, but Sydaiya brings it all together with her voice, talent, beauty, and intangible esteemed grace, which sets her apart from any other artist.

 Recently, I got to witness Sydaiya perform at the BxC music festival, held at the famous S.O.B’s venue in New York City – a stage that has been decorated with artists from Outkast to the Black Eyed Peas, Cee-Lo and Erykah Badu over the years. There were several artists that performed before Sydaiya and her group, but as I observed her before the performance, even though you could tell that her senses were high and she was very aware of the energy in the room, she had a calm, focused serenity about her.  Sydaiya’s background singers matched her “bad ass” Black Panther vibe, dressed in sexy, all black militant outfits and big Afros, glamorous looks that matched the vivacious Sydaiya Rehema. The performances before she took the stage were all hip-hop based, and the crowd was a nice mix, with everyone coming to visit their artist of choice. Unbeknownst to them, Sydaiya was set to steal the show. Sitting in the front row, I heard whispers in the audience saying “I have a feeling she is about to kill it.” Sydaiya approached the stage with distinguished grace and confidence, confirming those whispers before she even opened her mouth.

 Will her voice and performance match the mystique? Absolutely. Her melodic sensual voice and her choreographed movements cast a hypnotic spell over the audience, leaving them and myself anticipating every note that bellowed from her lungs. She allowed New York City to witness the gift that was given to her, a gift she now shares with the rest of the world. Sydaiya is indeed a future star and is quintessentially the face of Urban Soul.