On Episode 2 of Street Style I captured a beautiful woman named Samira Gibson walking down 125th street in Harlem. She caught my attention because her look was mysterious and unique. Once we started chatting she revealed that she’s a soul singer and as a bonus she asked me and my home girl, Rhysa, to be apart of her new music video PWER. Me being the constant supporter of all things black girl magical without hesitation I agreed. What you’re about to see are the ladies of Samira’s PWER music video shoot….and BABY let me tell you these ladies got that power!

This shot is the artist herself, Samira Gibson, after the video shoot was wrapped and she was on her off duty model look. Isn’t she lovely…make sure you check her out on IG @samira you will not be disappointed!

Now I’ve been telling everyone who’s willing to listen that I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a girl who I have deemed “Grace Jones”. Her actual name is Ngozi Nzei and she’s so beautiful all I could say was yaaaasss…fuck it up biiisshhhhh!!! Ngozi has freshly graduated from Parsons School of Design with not one, not two, but three degrees in Fashion Design, International Broadcasting, and Journalism. Go congratulate Grace (oops, I mean) Ngozi on IG @ngozi.nzei

Jordan King did not come to play. The hair, the piercings, the accessories oh my! And even more than all of that she’s a talented singer, rapper, producer who’s currently working on her EP. You can find this talented goddess on (IG) @jordankingmusic (YouTube) at Jordan King Music or check out her website at www.jordankingmusic.com

Aneesa Thurston did the damn thang styling Samira for this video. Her face was beat for the Gods, her military vest had us all wanting to run to the closest Army/Navy store for some “don’t fuck with me” accessories, her walk is mean, and she’s super sweet. Aneesa reps “Brick City” aka Newark, NJ while giving homage to her African roots. If you want to see more of Aneesa’s work check out her work on IG @af_ali01 her work is FIRE!

Daviecia Russell had us all is stitches from beginning to end. She was definitely the hen mother on set cracking jokes and fixing wigs. To contact Daviecia you can find her on Facebook at Daviecia Russell.

Somehow I let this beauty leave without getting her information. If anyone knows her name and info please reach out to me so I can give credit where credit it due…HELP! @ericasinwonderland


Tiffany Jones is hilarious and her hair was EVERYTHING. Check out the length of them braids ladies and gentlemen…yes God! Tiffany slays these streets as a sytlist and fashion student. Tiffany’s Jamaican born and currently living in Brooklyn. Hit her up on IG @tiffany.g.heart

Tiana Santos was another one that came all the way from Brick City to grace us with her gorgeousness  on set. Tiana is an educator, model, and actor. She had to run to Brooklyn straight after the PWER shoot ended for another acting audition. She’s a busy lady making her way through the challenges of the entertainment industry. You can find her on Facebook at Tiana Marie.

Yolanda Pinckney is an adorable young woman but don’t let the pretty face fool you. She’s a pageant contestant, paralegal, and a bad ass member of the National Guard. Yolanda can be found on IG @yollie417


To all the participants, we Salute you for being a cultural influencer. #Salute.Life


This article was written and produced by Erica Johnson @ericasinwonderland