Street Style – Episode 2

It’s that time of the year in NYC when the weather is your best friend and your worst enemy. Where one minute you’re forced to have a low hair cut or rock your hair up and off your neck, living in short shorts, shades, and a fresh wife beater. While the next minute you’re frantically digging through the storage closet looking for those winter sweaters you put up during spring cleaning cause NAW the weather won’t fail me and revert my life back to those frigidly cold winter days long gone by! It can be rough trying to figure out what to wear this time of the year but the streets style in NYC doesn’t skip a beat. We can’t help but get inspired by these looks, check em out!

Curator: Erica Johnson | @ericasinwonderland

Tameka Tremaine Barnes was walking her adorable dog Roxy down Lenox when my eyes caught her kente cloth head wrap. She turned the corner and BAM this sporty Africana look has me excited for an opportunity to rock this inspiring look at my next spin class. If you’re interested in seeing how Tameka & Roxy kick back check her out on IG @tamekabeeism or follow her on Facebook at Tameka Tremaine Barnes


Loic Hans is the manager at BAKERY HARLEM NEW YORK – (HNY) located at 1457 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY. BAKERY HNY is a clothing store with so many bomb exclusive pieces. Check them out on IG @bakery.hny & if you can stop by the store to say hi to Loic. You can follow him on IG @loic_237

Ismael Rashad is a modern day renaissance man. Choreographer, spoken word slam champion, PR maverick, and rebel with a cause…geeze,what does this man not do? Whelp, us at Salute Life are inspired by his day in and out laid-back fashion sense. If you’re interested in building with Ismael you can reach him on IG @ismaelplus

Samiraa Gibson is a woman after my own heart. Moments after this goddess agrees to let me take a few pictures of her dope look she smiles and waves at this little boy walking past. With a sparkle in her eyes she explains “Oh, that’s just one of my students”. Samiraa teaches at the world famous Harlem Children’s Zone. Salute Life sends extra love to all the educators in our community. Keep up the good work! Moreover, Samiraa is a soul singer performing all over the city. I’ve been checking out her IG @samiraagibson and her voice is AMAZING…YOU. BETTER. GO. GIRL.

Rémy “Remy” Salas is a proud egalitarian, writer, and Professor at CUNY. He looks fantastic! Still what really drew me was his REVOLUTIONARY Malcolm X screen printed bag. I need one of these pronto. Should we call you Dr. Salas or Mr. Salas? Either way we salute you for professing your knowledge to the community. Check Rémy out on IG @remy_salas


Jamar Dunn is an author finishing up his motivational book called “Notes From An Usher Just In Case You Missed Church”. This book should be available at the end of 2017. I’m excited to pick it up for a good read. Find out more about Jamar on IG @wildandwonderful

Keiándra Honeysucker is a dancer and model that just moved to to NYC. She’s recently got back from Guinea where she studies West African dance. Find Keiándra on IG @Cakesssss

Rhysa Williams – This girl right here is someone we should all be paying attention to. She keeps a low profile but quiet as it’s kept she’s a poet, rapper, singer, painter, photographer, cinematographer, jewelry maker, floral artist, candy maker, and on and on and on…she’s for sure a person to watch out for. You can find her on IG @lady_s.p.i

Ja’han Jones – I’m sure we’ve all has a late night run to whatever fast food joint that stays open until ungodly hours in the morning. The closest spot in my neighborhood is the Checkers off 125th and Lenox in Harlem. As I was waiting for my large french fry to escape the piping hot grease this handsome man came strolling in for a midnight fix. Ja’han works at the Huffington Post where I just read his article titled “Colin Kaepernick Is To The NFL What Black People Are To America – Hatred of the quarterback among NFL owners feels all too familiar. Oh yes, sir, we Salute you for shining light on topics that represent the African diaspora. Check out what Ja’han will be writing about next on IG @_jahan


To all the participants photographed we Salute you for being cultural influencers.