Walking up and down the streets of NYC it’s hard not to get inspired by everyday street style. First impressions are lasting impressions so when you walk out the door what you have on speaks volumes about your personality and what you’re trying to convey to the world around you. No matter if you’re dressed in bold prints with bright colors or cool neutral tones, the streets are watching and taking notes. We’re recognizing a few fashion killers spotted in Harlem USA. Our motto is –  Stay ready, cause you never know who you’ll run into.

Curator: Erica Johnson | @ericasinwonderland

Matthew Pasterisa is a celebrity choreographer. You know his work from Kanye West’s video “Fade” featuring Teyana Taylor. He’s currently working on a new project with Azealia Banks. If you’re like me and want to know more about what he’s getting into you can find him on IG @bornready_matt  & Twitter @swaggmatt

Amara Desta Korley was headed to church looking like an angelic African queen. You can’t really tell from this shot but her accessories are killing the game. You can find Amara on IG: @amarakorley

Courtney Paige is an interior designer, personal organizer, visual merchant, and a visual designer. Courtney is a modern day “Jill of all trades” and I’m really loving her look. IG: @clightt

Kiauntay is a model, designer, and stylist…obviously! He made this jacket and IT. IS. EVERYTHING! If you’re interested in working with Kiauntay you can find him on IG @flavaonyabiscuit

Nicolette is a rapper bringing a fresh face to the male-driven hip hop game. Nicolette was interviewed by the legendary Hot 97 in NYC on Thursday, May 11, 2017. If you didn’t get a chance to hear her interview show some support and check it out. You can find Nicolette on IG @thebaegod

Tomel Lucas is a real estate agent specializing in Manhattan and the Bronx locations. I caught him taking a coffee break on 116th & Lenox. If you’re looking for a new place in the city you can find Tomel on IG @whoistkl

Phillip Henry was on his way to work as a comedian at Bottoms Up/Vodka Soda in Hells Kitchen…that’s west of Time Square if you don’t know Manhattan. You can catch Phillip on IG @majorphilebrity and drop by the lounge at 9pm to catch his act.

Tajma Lewis was coming from work uptown and headed home to Brooklyn. Tajma is a student and an aspiring fashion designer. You can find her on Facebook at Tajma Lewis.

Keisheen “Moody” Lacroi is a model, stylist, photographer, and videographer. Moody is passionate about being and living visual art. If you’re interested in working with Moody you can find him on IG @saucestudios_nyc

Nadina Adams is a student at City College. Her full Adidas look had me loving the old school meets new school hip hop flava. Nadina can be found on IG @_n.starr

“To all the participants photographed we Salute you for being cultural influencers.”