The collection looks at themes of intersectionality in response to the current climate and constant uncertainties in the world we currently live.  The idea of the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender is extremely relevant today. We used techniques as a metaphor to articulate these underlying ethos, exploring Articulation, pleating, and gathering, which are all physical manifestations of how we come together or come apart.

Whilst visiting family in South East Asia throughout Elliott’s childhood, he was always fascinated by displays of Armor. They would always be prominent in Banks and other institutions. He loved seeing how they were put together, a mass of small pieces coming together to make something strong and majestic. A great symbol of the power of the small but plentiful.

Materials: The collection is comprised of we practical and hardwearing textiles, using a concise range of three types of cotton and three man-made fibers.

Waxed cotton

Cotton Poplin

Denim Cotton


Printed Lycra