Music industry lessons from Coach K

Put me in the game coach, is a phrase that would connect to athletics, but the legendary career of “Coach K”, not the phenomenal basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils, but the one who has impacted music culture. Coach K Lee other words known as Coach K has helped curate the most influential sounds in hip-hop today. His resume includes the management of Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and most recent Migos and Little Yacthy. Unlike some taste makers, Coach K has a different approach to putting together a winning team. One of those methods is Coach K is approachable, and he listens for talent, not just talent, but unique and magnetic talent. Coach K gives people a chance, but if you ever approach Coach K, he can change your life like he did for the transcending group Migos and rock star rapper Little Yachty. As you can see the artist he has managed and worked with vary in styles but similar in star power, so to all the artist out there, future stars, dreamers, and visionaries are you unique as you think you are? To quote one of my favorite shows Sense 8, “life is just not full of surprises, it’s also full of gifts,” get ready for your opportunity.

Music Videos: Quality Control Music
Interviewer: Atibia “Broadway” Williams @broadwayhemmingway