Kiera Renee How Uber, A Hustle, And A Smile Created A Panel 4 Style

By: Atibia “Broadway” Williams

A quote by Lalah Delia captures the essence of Kiera Renee,“ She remembered who she was, and the game changed.” So who is Kiera Renee? Is she an event organizer, a designer, a cornucopia of ambition laying cement to dirt roads as she treks on her journey of greatness? Well for starters Kiera is the creator of the Los Angeles based event “Stylers Panel Tour” she has recently completed her event in Washington D.C, Philadelphia and closing out its east coast tour August 17th in Brooklyn New York. The depth of Kiera’s story is far too vast for me to provide a complete spectrum of the pieces that describe this extraordinary woman. I will merely provide a picture that will allow you all interpret as you see fit.

My introduction to Kiera started out rather professional; she sent an introduction email stating who she was, what she does, and what she plans on doing once she made it from Los Angeles to New York. Her story was genius, Kiera launched a dual strategy she began driving Uber with the intent to earn extra income. In addition, Kiera’s motive was to build her business by simply having conversations with the customers she picks up. Understanding the trajectory living in Los Angeles, LA traffic would provide plenty of time to speak with her customers and probe for information that may be helpful to expanding her network. Through this innate understanding of relationship building Kiera fostered great relationships, those relationships helped launch the “Stylers Panel.”

The Stylers Panel Tour is a platform that introduces fashion and beauty entrepreneurs, successful influencers and rising professionals in their industry. The panelist then Impart their wisdom through a panel discussion that benefits attendees with essential advice on branding, digital marketing, and business development.

In hearing Kiera’s story, I mentioned to Kiera in our initial conversation, that I was born in Brooklyn, and after graduating college returned to and now based in Brooklyn; but was raised in Sacramento California. She then jokingly wanted to pull my card, and stated: “everyone want’s to be from California.” At this point, professionalism went out the window, and the roast session began, and like two old cousins we played the “dozens.” AKA who can come up with the best jokes, she may feel otherwise, but I won that battle lol. What was supposed to be a fifteen-minute conversation ended up being close to an hour, before I knew it by the end of that conversation, we were laughing like we knew each other for years!

When I met Kiera, she told me about everything from psychologically abusive relationships, being in a car crash and googling how to physically train herself back to health, choosing homelessness over settling to live an environment that wasn’t conducive to her growth. Having her car reposed with everything that she owns still in it, and how she had to win over the tow yard to allow her to get her belongings out of the car. How the cumulative of these things had her battling depression, a lot of people may have settled and succumbed to that measure of adversity. Kiera’s commitment to a vision that God has aligned with her path of success superseded those moments of thoughts and acts of defeat.

She refused to work in unproductive places; she repudiated to deny herself the blessings that were promised to her by her faith in the unknown. Kiera’s business model was to be the vehicle bringing two worlds that otherwise may not touch without a catalyst this notion of bringing people together sent to her by a higher spiritual force is a gift that has endless opportunities.

Kiera style is chic and unique, her personality and smile are magnetically charming, and her ambition and drive are formidable.

As the music mogul and entrepreneur Sean “Puffy” Combs would say. “Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream,” I started off as Andre Harrell’s assistant, and now I’m damn near running this place. I’m hungry; you put me butt-naked in the jungle, I’ll come out wearing a chinchilla hat and a leopard coat, 10 pounds hungrier from eating them Motherf….” If she were a character from the show Game Of Thrones, she would be Khaleesi. As Kiera builds herself up, Kiera built a community, as Kiera built a community, Kiera built a family, as Kiera built a family she built a business that will become an empire, so we salute you, Kiera Renee for everything you overcame and continue to overcome.

Check her IG and follow her journey @saykierarenee