For the culture is a phraseology emphasizing the art or object created representing the community of origin in it’s truest form. Papa Originals is a baseball hat company created by Raphael Faccarello that embraces the spirit of NYC; the name being inspired by one of New York’s most staple destinations, the bodega, aka the corner store, the one stop shop for food, conversation and whatever else you may need depending on the neighborhood. Raphael born in France but now has chosen his home in Brooklyn in the very area where he manufactures his hats. Raphael became antiquated with the neighborhood colloquialism that we all say as a sign of respect to our bodgea man, in some cases the owner of the bodega may be Dominican and or Puerto Rican descent. That term of endearment is “Aye Papa, ” you say it when you order food when you are trying to get the shop keeper’s attention, and or when you just want to hold a conversation. Influenced by the community of which he created his hats, Papa Originals baseball hat’s is for the culture.

Before becoming a brand, Raphael became a student of how baseball hats were created, finding out that baseball hats have been in existence since the 1860s. Papa Originals core Inspiration was classic ball- caps worn by Brooklyn baseball teams such as the Brooklyn Dodgers or then N.Y. Giants, and of course the iconic pinstripe Yankees. Papa Originals plays off the idea of elevated, updated luxury for everyday wear. Its first collection, the Excelsior Collection, plays off this idea perfectly, while its Nueva York line pays homage to Brooklyn via accessible luxury – prices start at $75. Its caps are made at a longstanding Brooklyn hat factory using the kind of attention to detail and quality not found in your typical athletic logo caps. These caps are more than that, made with premium materials and featuring touches like the color blocked details and slight homages to NYC via the brand’s “Nueva York” line. The brand fuses streetwear and high fashion in unique offerings, including a new Tokio collection that uses Japanese fabrics and classic black-and-blue color combinations for hats that are wearable with everything from a tee and slim jeans to a sharp blazer and handsome leather sneakers. The hats are sold at fine retailers such as Colette in Paris and recently launched in Mexico, Papa Original In it’s truest form, has once again taken the Brooklyn influence in destinations across the world. As the excitement for the brand grows, they will be selling their hats at online retailers such as NYLON.COM, also, will be introducing a moderate entry level priced baseball hats, that provide the same distinct style and quality at this year’s Capsule trade show summer 2K17.

Article by: Atibia “Broadway” Williams