By: Atibia “Broadway” Williams

Some time ago I decided to visit a friend at the Knickerbocker hotel in Manhattan just to vibe out at the rooftop bar. Predictably the socializer that my boy is, he already made a new friend, and there the topic of discussion was the type of alcoholic beverages he and his new acquaintance preferred.  As they had their discussion, my attention was elsewhere, over the lull of all the talk I heard a voice singing to the right of the room which grabbed my attention. What I was hearing captured the essence of the space we were in, classy, jazzy contemporary feel.

I can’t recollect the song she was singing at the time, but whatever the song was, my immediate reaction was… she’s dope! After a short discussion at the bar, I found out that the songstress was Ava Raiin. Since that encounter, I have taken the time to seek out and listen to Ava Raiin’s  music since that initial introduction. AVA’s whole album as we say in the hip-hop community is “ILL,” one of my favorite songs is Eagle Eye which is featured on oh her debut album self-titled AVA RAIIN; the Eagle Eye video is equally mesmerizing sonically, visually moves with a rhythm that is hypnotic and cathartic providing a feeling of tranquility.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ava Raiin and her husband that night after her set. It was refreshing to recognize that the vibrant energy that Ava generates with her music translated to both Ava and her husband on a more personable feel. I felt somehow that I had met two people on a journey that resonated peace and beauty.

Many months later AVA reached out to me via Instagram to listen to her new singles from her debut Album; the approach wasn’t a message blast but a personalized message for me to listen and assess the music. I felt honored to do so because the approach reflected she genuinely cares about her audience and that exemplified a quality of character that spoke to me above all else. I took it upon myself to do my part in writing about her debut album; Ava didn’t ask, I doubt she even knew I was a writer.

It was more so a feeling, as I was compelled to do my part in moving the culture forward by celebrating the incredible artistry, of an artist who pushes boundaries with unique sounds compliment with harmonious world play that tells a story.  Unbeknownst to Ava, I was already listening to her music and instantly became a fan. I pride myself on discovering a new artist to listen to, and then I put my friends on so we can all listen and just have a discussion about how great that music made us feel.

Ava is one of those artists where her music submerges you into her creative space taking your mind on a journey eliciting a different feeling for each song. Ava presents a jambalaya of sound that distinguishes her within the music industry. Her Unconventional style can be a derivative of her experiences that shapes the nucleus of who Ava is an artist. Ava raised between Minneapolis and Houston along with her twin sister watching their single mother work hard to provide and also witnessed another stretch of a reality of having a father taking the street profession of pimping in the outskirts of Houston. Finding Solace in school choirs cultivating her gift that will lead her on a journey to eventually touring, working with Solange, each step prepared for the next her working with producer David Siskovic and singer/songwriter Sye Elaine Spence to premiere her debut album Ava Raiin which dropped August 18, 2017. As I listen to this album repetitively each time I uncovered new layers and depth between the songs, Ava I want to say thank you and please continue to Raiin down pon us with your incredible talent

Peep her video below and check her out online www.avaraiin.com and instagram @avaraiin